Fire Code Consulting
Building Code Consulting
• High Piled Permits
• HAZMAT Permitting
• Occupancy Classification
• Commodity Classification
• Sprinkler Evaluation

Fire Code and Building Code Analysis
REi® provides detailed analyses of facilities’ code conformance requirements and develops alternative approaches to code compliance to meet facility design restraints, project objectives and operational needs.

Negotiation with AHJ
REi® has experience negotiating with Authorities Having Jurisdiction to assist in clarification and interpretation of code requirements as they relate to a specific project.

Code Consulting

Technical Opinion & Report as required by Fire Marshal
® provides evaluation of buildings on site for compliance with applicable Building and Fire Codes.  We survey the site to collect required information for the Technical Opinion & Report, based on approved Code of Record, current occupancy, storage layout, amounts of hazardous materials, commodity classification, square footage of storage areas, building construction and other factors as applicable.  The Report addresses compliance options including storage configuration, sprinkler protection requirements, adequacy of existing sprinkler protection, spill and secondary containment requirements and calculations, safety ventilation requirements and calculations, high pile storage requirements, determination of requirements for fire department access doors, fire apparatus access road, hazard signage, and other factors as applicable.

Permitting, including High Pile & HAZMAT
® prepares project documents, assists in coordination with other engineering services as necessary to complete submittal package, and submits project documents to the Building Department and Fire Marshal’s Office for review.

  • Commodity Classification
  • Sprinkler Evaluation
  • Hazardous Occupancy Evaluation
  • High Pile Storage Assistance
  • Determination of Occupancy Classification
  • Smoke & Heat Venting Calculations
  • New Site Evaluation
  • Risk Assessment