Property Loss Control Services

In today’s global insurance marketplace, access to accurate and up-to-date property loss prevention information is critical, to both insurers and risk management.
Centrally located in Houston, we have ease of access to the entire United States, providing service to clients locally, nationally and internationally.

Rollinger Engineering, Inc. has prepared detailed underwriting surveys since our inception, and we are well versed in providing specific information insurance underwriters require. Our surveys are designed to follow your policy format and distinct underwriting needs.

Risk surveys include a description of relevant facility operations; such as business operation, building construction, available utilities, process description, common hazards, and perils other than fire. Also included is business interruption information, property protection features of the facility, formalized test results of fire pumps and water supplies, and applicable recommendations, using National Fire Protection Association, GE GAP (Industrial Risk Insurers), or Factory Mutual Standards, as required.

In surveying of Highly Protected Risk (HPR) facilities, we evaluate the site’s compliance with your specific underwriting requirements, and follow industry HPR criteria.

REi® offers detailed property and business interruption MFL, PML & EML loss estimates. We track impairments, provide plan & specification review, monitor compliance with recommended improvements, and review emergency and contingency plans.

REi® has experience supporting property insurance brokerage operations. We provide you and your clients with engineering expertise, offering value-added service beyond your traditional brokerage services.

We develop marketing reports reflecting desired insurance coverages or specific policy format. These marketing reports have been successfully used to approach insurance carriers; providing underwriters with detailed information about the prospective insured. The quoted insurance costs reflect actual conditions, which are accurately presented in our independent reports.

Unbundled engineering services offer both the broker and risk management cost effective property loss control programs, best fitting the needs of the client, as well as the demands of the market.

Rollinger Engineering provides risk management with professionally developed property loss control information and experienced advice, allowing you to set controls to protect the physical assets of the corporation. This assistance is particularly beneficial to those clients having higher risk retention levels.

REi® provides support in recommendation’s compliance efforts, giving alternative suggestions better fitting your timetable and budgetary restraints, yet satisfying insurer requirements. We analyze underwriting surveys and recommendations to ensure correctness and applicability.

Highly Protected Risks
For clients previously insured by an HPR carrier and desiring to keep their program intact, REi® offers continuing property loss control services, maintaining established programs and procedures. This unbundled approach allows clients to control both the scope and cost of their property loss control programs.

Independent Analysis
The depth of information presented in REi® surveys becomes an effective management tool in many areas; giving an unbiased overview of company holdings. We offer a complete assay of your operations; providing a detailed description of buildings, equipment, process, operation hazards and fire protection systems.

Addressing the needs of Insurers.

  • Risk Surveys
  • HPR Engineering
  • BI Estimates
  • Risk Assessments
  • Builders Risk Surveys
  • Impairment Tracking

Addressing the needs of Brokers.

  • Unbundled Engineering Services
  • Marketing Reports
  • Property Loss Control Programs

Addressing the needs of Risk Management.

  • Experienced Advice for higher Risk Retention Levels
  • Property Loss Control Services
  • Independent Analysis of Recommendations